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August 26, 2019
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Type of camera: 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR), aperture-priority automatic
Picture format: 35mm (24mm x 36mm frame size)
Lens mount: Nikon bayonet type
Lenses usable: Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8 as standard; other Series E lenses; most Nikkor lenses including AI-types. Warning: Non-AI lenses cannot be used.
Film advance: Electronically controlled, vertical-travel, metal focal-plane shutter; stepless speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. when shutter operation mode selector is set to AUTO; 1/90 sec. mechanical shutter speed when set to M90; B setting also provided for
long exposures. Film winding lever provided; completed stroke of 144°; choice of one continuous stroke or series of shorter strokes
Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism full-aperture viewing type with built-in TTL exposure meter; shutter speed scale and exposure needle visible inside; ready-light lights up when Speedlight SB-E, SB-15, or SB-16B is in use; center of scales's bracket indicates 1/90 sec.; finder coverage approx. 92 % of picture field; 0.86X magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity.
Focusing screen: Fixed-type Nikon "K" screen; comprises matte fresnel field with central split-image rangefinder spot surrounded by microprism ring and 12mm-dia. reference circle which denotes area of center-weighted metering
Reflex mirror: Instant-return, non-lockable type
Self-timer: Lever provided can be set for approx. 10-sec. exposure delay; setting cancelable before shutter release button is pressed.
Exposure measurement: TTL center-weighted exposure metering at full aperture; meter incorporates one silicon photodiode (SPD).
Metering range: EV 2 to EV 18 (i.e., f/2 at 1 sec. to f/16 at 1/1000 sec. at ASA/ISO 100 and with 50mm f/1.8 lens)
Exposure signal: "Beep-beep" warning sound activated when shutter release button is pressed to finger guard position if matching shutter speed for lens aperture set is below approx. 1/30 sec. or above 1/1000 sec.
Exposure compensation: + 2 EV when exposure compensation button is kept depressed as shutter release button is pressed
Meter power source: One 3V lithium battery or two 1.55V silver-oxide batteries *
Meter ON/OFF switch: Meter switched on when shutter release button is pressed; stays switched on for several seconds after finger is lifted off button.
Battery power checker: LED lamp lights up to indicate sufficient power availability when power check button is pressed
Film speed range: ASA/ISO 25-1600
Frame counter: Shows number of frames exposed, automatically resets to "S" when camera back is opened; automatic operation starts from frame 1
Film rewind: Manual; film rewind crank rotated after film rewind button is depressed
Flash synchronization: Built-in ISO-type hot-shoe, automatic flash sync at 1/90 sec. with SB-E, SB-15, or SB-16B or any dedicated Nikon flash units; activates camera's ready-light when flash is ready; with SB-E, ready-light "blinks" to signal incorrect ASA/ISO aperture combination; M90 shutter mode-selector setting used with other electronic flash units, providing flash sync at 1/90 sec
Motor drive coupling: Electrical contact and coupler built-in for operation with Motor Drive MD-E
Camera back: Swings open when film rewind knob is pulled up; memo holder provided
Body finish: Black
Dimensions: 135mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 54mm(D)



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