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Entering the world of photography

Entering the world of photography When entering the world of photography one needs to know what to expect from embarking on a career in the industry. It is a great career path and one that is really rewarding if done right, however it needs to be done in a certain way to get the rewards desired. Photography in itself is an art form and so it immediately separated itself from traditional business operations. When it comes to art one cannot treat the business side of it as just a business in isolation. As the money side of things usually comes from the same people that are involved in the art side of things. So marketing, selling and networking becomes different from if you were selling a product that was less personal. Why would someone want to enter the world of photography? Well for a start you get to deal in capturing the beauty or emotion of an object or person forever. It is a photographer’s responsibility to empathise with the subject and draw out he image that he/she desires. Therefore it is about judgement, and emotion as well as technical skill. This makes it different from say other creative industries such as web design where the end product is built from scratch. Photographers have to use what is in the real world to construct the desired outcome that they strive to achieve. This is what creates a good photographer, someone who is able to draw a specific message or outcome from a set of surroundings and people/objects. The pros and cons of being a photographer are fairly equal; it is an industry where the heights are also met with lows. It is the managing of this balance that allows one to become a successful and well regarded photographer. Pros One is able to make a living (if successful) from capturing life and objects in the fashion of their own choosing. This is extremely rewarding and allows for creative expression. Photography is a fun activity, and there are not many jobs that allow people to have genuine fun and earn simultaneously. Once a photographer becomes established the work comes to them and they do not need to beg and market themselves heavily. Cons Starting out in photography is very tough, it is a competitive industry and there is more supply than demand at the lowest levels. There are not many salary jobs in photography, most are based on a project fee basis or complete freelance basis. It is a job where a lot of hours will be spent in isolation, so it may not be for people who enjoy a constantly social and interactive environment. Overall as a photographer one can expect to have to do a lot of networking and freelance work to begin with. This will help establish a profile and a name for one self. After this is done successfully a photographer can move onto higher levels and begin landing more semi permanent contracts and bigger profile deals. Overall it is one of those industries where it takes a business head and skill to succeed. Skill alone will usually not get your name heard and business relationships established.


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